About half of all workers dissatisfied with their jobs

Accoding to a report put out by The Conference Board last July, a little over half (50.4%) of all employees surveyed said they were not satisfied with their current jobs. This is actually the lowest that number has been since 2005 and experts are touting this as something to be proud of. However, I'm not happy with this statistic at all.

This means that if a company employs 500 people, 250 of them are not satisfied. According to Statista, there were about 120 million Americans employed full-time at the time of the survey, meaning businesses saw 60 million unhappy workers. That's the population of California and Florida! And that's not even including part-time workers.

And what, pray tell, did employees say was the least satisfying thing about their job - the thing that makes them hate going to work day after day after day?


Yes, my friends, only 23.8% of those surveyed said they were happy with the way their company promotes its employees. Which means 76.2% (91.44 million) of you expressed dissatisfaction with your company's promotion practices.

My guess is, this is a result of someone getting promoted ahead of you. Or someone getting promoted whom you thought didn't deserve it. After all, when policies benefit us, even if we don't like the policies, we tend to not complain.

So how do we respond to things we don't like? Usually, we avoid them. In workplace terms, that means we quit. We find another job.

But let's think about that. If it were only one or two companies that had this problem, that might make sense. But when more than 3/4 of American employees say their employers have bad promotion policies, we have to wonder if the problem is really with the employer or if there's something you can do to improve your chances at promotion.

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